Hydrangea Butterfly®

Butterflies bring pure
"joie de vivre" and a jumble
of colour to gardens and enchant
young and old with their sumptuous

But how do you attract these popular
little butterflies into a garden, onto
a balcony or terrace at all? Butterflies
are choosy about their food and habitat
and need selected, native plants as a source
of nectar. For all nature-lovers who do not wish to establish a field of wild flowers or who do not have enough room for large butterfly bushes (Buddleias), there is now an attractive alternative that is also particularly well-suited as an eye-catcher for balconies and terraces: the Hydrangea Butterfly®.

The new Panicle Hydrangea flourishes in an elegant champagne white and exudes a sweetish scent that magically attracts butterflies. It will be available in well-stocked garden centres in Germany for the first time from mid-May 2013. The Hydrangea Butterfly ® impresses with large, white, open blossoms from July to August and which are good for drying in autumn. As a quality breed, they convince with their extreme resistance to winter temperatures (up to -30°C), their high tolerance to pruning and blossom reliably every year.
With its special appearance, the Hydrangea Butterfly ® is easy to find in garden centres – with its flower-label and the attractive white pot with the butterfly-motif, the hydrangea is unmistakeable.


A Summary of the Details of the Hydrangea Butterfly ®:

Sale start from mid-May 2013 in all well-stocked garden centres
Nursery-finder at: www.hydrangea-butterfly.de
Type of flower panicle hydrangea; large, champagne-white, open blossoms
Flowering period flower reliably between July and August every year
Special characteristic the flower's sweetish scent attracts butterflies
Location suitable as a tub-plant for the balcony and terrace and for planting-out in the garden in damp, humus-rich ground (plant in partially shady to sunny conditions)
Winter resistance is extremely robust: up to -30°C